Jeep Brand debuts new concept models ahead of Easter Jeep Safari

Well folks, Easter is just around the corner, and if you follow the Jeep Brand as intently as we do here at Ontario Auto Ranch, you're justifiably excited, and not just because of upcoming abundance of marshmallow Peeps. As any good Jeep SUV fan knows, the Easter Jeep Safari is coming up, and with it comes a fresh batch of experimental Jeep off-road concepts. Here's a quick look at what outlandish off-road SUVs the Jeep Brand will be bringing to Moab, Utah this year.

These Easter Jeep Safari Concept cars may not see full-scale production, but they're a great way for the talented designers at the Jeep Brand to show off their chops and prove why these SUVs are universally known for their rugged capability. Personally, we here at Ontario Auto Ranch are big fans of the hot-rod inspired Jeep Quicksand Concept, which looks ready to roar on and off the road with its bold, chrome accented pipes and aggressive red interior.

These concept SUVs will be taking to Moab to kick off the Easter Jeep Safari in just a few days time, so make sure to stay tuned to the Jeep Brand social media channels to see some of them in action. Alternatively, if you'd like to have a bit of fun behind the wheel of an outstanding new Jeep SUV yourself, you need only pay us a visit here at Ontario Auto Ranch to take a test drive today!

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