Happy International Mud Day!



Did you know that June 29th is International Mud Day? As the Ecology Global Network's website reads, "World Forum International Mud Day is a day for children and early childhood professionals all over the world to celebrate nature, the glorious earth beneath our feet, and the joy of making a mess by getting really muddy."

But children aren't the only ones who can enjoy International Mud Day. Adults can too, especially if they drive Jeep brand vehicles! Jeep vehicles are trail rated, meaning they have all passed tests in traction, ground clearance, maneuverability, articulation, and water fording. So go off-roading and get a little muddy in a Jeep.

At Ontario Auto Ranch, located at 1805 SW 4th Ave, we have a great selection of Jeep models that we'd love for you to see. Come take a look at your convenience.

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